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We are a free mentoring community geared towards the self substantial home gardener, but also leaning towards commercial growing where it applies to home gardeners.

Welcome to Hygronomics.com

Welcome to "Your" Portal to Hydroponic Information. Please feel free to join us in our forum for some Q&A We love the lifestyle we have chosen. Growing vegetables for market and for personal consumption has been an extremely rewarding experience! Follow the progress of our greenhouse/micro farm systems, learn grow techniques used for both vegetative and fruit bearing varieties. This knowledge that will enable you to build a sound nutritional foundation for self-substantial based living. Our forums were designed to provide agricultural information and how-to mentoring (via our community forums Q & A) should you decide to grow your own vegetable hydro-garden. Having subsisted primarily from our own cultivated vegetables the past year we find ourselves on the right track! We have set-up our new greenhouse. We hope you all enjoy the crops we are going to show through pictorial essay and hope to unlock some of the mysteries, as well as the advantages of hydroponic vegetable cultivation. The Staff here @Hygronomics welcomes your interest and enthusiasm. We wish You all Peace, & God's Blessings